Welcome to Noble Public School
The school follows the curriculum laid down by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The Following subjects form the course of study-
Class Courses
L.K.G. & U.K.G. Recognition of letters in English and Hindi, Conversation, Recitation, Numbers, Knowledge of environment and Handwork, Dance, Music, G.K., Games etc.
Primary Section English, Hindi, Number-work, G.K. Drawing, Music, Games Recitation, Handwork. Conversation etc.
Middle School English, Hindi, Maths, Science, S.St, G.K., Computer Science, Sanskrit/Urdu, Music/Dance, Drawing, Health and Physical Education SUPW/work experience.
Secondary Classes English. Hindi, Maths, Science, S. Science, Phy. Ed., WE,AE
Senior Secondary Science and Commerce disciplines. Phy. Ed/SUPW/ WE/AE Clay modeling, Gardening, Toy Making, Flower Making, Paper Cutting, Needle work, Use of waste materials, First aid etc. Physical and Health Education, Art Education and Work Experience.


The school library provides reading and reference facilities, though In Its formative stage, the library contains a good number of books and periodicals. The inclusion of a separate library period, under the supervision of a teacher, will ensure the full use Of books, magazines and dailies by children.
The school lays prime Importance to inculcation of sense of values and developing right attitude. It forms a part of curriculum and is in keeping with the spirit of secularism of the country. Besides, the atmosphere of the school enforces the lessons Imparted In the subject.
The teaching methodology will Include modern teaching aid Including, educational kits, televised lessons, cassettes, tapes, 3-D charts and models and record player etc.
Computer studies forms an essential part of the school curriculum from class Ist onwards.
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