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Activities & Facilities
Co-curricular activities an Intrinsic part of regular curriculum of the School with a view to develop all the aspects of the students' personality-physical, mental, spiritual, social,. moral and cultural. The School provides:
Celebration of festivals and Important days, dramatics, music, dance, trips to places of cultural and historical Interest, exhibition etc.
Debate, declamation contest, Quiz, organizing extension lectures, essay-writing, storywriting, competitions, School magazines, well magazine, Library work, Talks by teachers, Thought of the Day, Dance, Singing Etc.
Reception of visitors and guardians, picnics, Scouting and Guiding, First Aid, Parent-teacher meet, Educational tours, club activities, manual labour etc.
Indoor and Out door games, competition matches, Mass P.T. and mass drills, athletics, Foot-ball, Volley ball, Basket ball, Badminton and Table tennis cricket etc.
The School children will be divided into Houses vertically. Each House will have teacher called House Master in charge of the House and will be helped by other teachers known as House tutors. The House Master will be helped the over-all progress of his House children. All the activities and competitions will be conducted on House-basis, Each House will have a House Captain and two Perfects in the task of maintaining discipline in the school. These House appointments will be assisted by class monitors. There will be, in addition, an apex body of the school, to organize all the activities and programmes of the school. It will be headed by the Head Boy Head Girls.
Health makes the growth more perfect and life more vigorous. Apart from healthful and stimulating physical environment the pupils will be well-acquainted with the need of maintaining health. Besides, the school provides periodical medical check-up of every student by a medical practitioner. A medical record record giving medical history, particular health needs of the child are sent to the parents who are expected to give immediate attention to any special health problem mentioned.
The school will incorporate educational and vocational guidance programme in Its system to enable student to choose a proper subject or the right curriculum when choice is offered. It will help In resolving the difficulties obstructing his all-sided development. Right from inculcation of correct study habits and establishing good behaviour pattern at Primary and Middle school stages the guidance programmes will include vocational guidance at the +2 stage.
The students have to record their daily home assignments in the Diary. It is an important means of communication between the teacher and the parents. parents/Guardians are requested to keep In touch with their ward's progress by regularly going through the chary.
For the harmonious development of the child and to build up mutual understanding and co- operation between home and school, parent- teacher meets are organised. The date and timings of such meets are Informed to the parents/guardins.
All the students are expected to attend the school regularly and punctually. Attendance on the first day the school opens at the beginning of each term is essential. it is compulsory, for the students to complete 80% of their attendance in the year to make them eligible to sit for the final exam. The percentage, however, could be relaxed on medical grounds but such students will not be eligible to receive any prizes. All the students are expected to attend the daily assembly, absence from it shall be punishable.
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